Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.

I recently had a chance to thoroughly evaluate Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Strength and Conditioning are a vital part of any athlete’s training regimen, and Eric has definitely taken it to a new level for Mixed Martial Arts. He takes a scientific approach to exercise and exactly how and why you need to eat and train a specific way for MMA, as opposed to other sports like football or even bodybuilding. This program is designed to help the mixed martial artist pack as much strength into their size as possible. And he does it over a schedule that will really optimize the fighter. His training plan is even used by several UFC fighters, including Jeff Joslin, who now coaches fellow UFC fighter Spencer Fisher.

I’m going to derail for a minute here and say that I’ve worked out in a lot of martial arts schools and MMA gyms before, and the mistake that a LOT of gyms make is that they try and throw out the hardest most intense workouts at everyone who walks in the door, regardless if they are not ready for it mentally or physically. Their premise is “a tough workout will make them mentally tougher and push their bodies to the limit.” Well this has some truth to it, but it’s skipping a major point. The average Joe, who hasn’t worked out in years, or has been working out but doing it without any professional guidance, is gonna be building a skyscraper on sand: destined to fall.

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The reason being is that people’s bodies are not quite ready for the type of “pro” training these guys are throwing at you. Flexibility is not all there, muscle groups are out of balance, they completely skip some muscle groups that “aren’t as important,” or maybe they’re not properly recovered from an injury. Anyone who wants to start a new training program needs to fix their posture, balance out muscles (Left should = Right, and front = Back). These are some things that you have to consider before going into power or endurance training. Most MMA fighters don’t know this important strength and conditioning concept going in, and this can result in a terrible injury, which can set them back months, or worse, end their career. Does he say to start slow? Definitely not. In fact the first 4 week corrective phase is designed to be challenging and can definitely make a huge difference in your game before you even get into the more advanced phases.

Eric also covers a subject in strength and conditioning that many mixed martial arts gyms and trainers don’t: Nutrition. With his “Nutrition-itsu” book, you will learn everything you need to about a proper balanced diet. Now a lot of fighters underestimate the importance of proper nutrition, but without it, you will not get anywhere near optimal results from your MMA strength and conditioning training. In fact, if your diet is garbage, you will lose most of the effects of your workouts, in addition to much longer recovery times. That means less workouts and less gains. See where I’m going here? He even gives you a sample 7-day meal plan to get started with his 7-day Quick Start Guide to Nutrition-itsu. Simply follow the template and you will be well on your way to optimal strength and conditioning for mixed martial arts.

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His 7-day quick start meal plan is a great way to get your head in the game, but he doesn’t leave a whole lot of detail left for the other 51 weeks of the year. That you will have to kind of take from his “Nutrition-Itsu” book and the quick start guide to create your own healthy meal plans. He doesn’t get into detail on portion size, calorie counting, or any other measurements. He leaves you those details because, in Mixed Martial Arts, everyone has different caloric and portion needs depending on their weight class, personal fitness level, and strength and conditioning goals. He does however leave in templates for individual days, depending on your training day. There is some work to do in putting together your own meal plan, but overall, it’s not that hard. Just use the information and guidelines he gives you, and get creative with it.

One other bonus is the 7 day weight cutting guide, designed to help you SAFELY cut 10-20 pounds over the course of a week before your fight. If done right, you can even do this without sweating in a sauna for hours, risking dehydration, or even changing your training plan like so many fighters dangerously do.

Now, because of the nature of mixed martial arts strength and conditioning, you will need access to a full gym. So if your MMA gym does not already have a weight room, then you will need to invest in an additional gym membership, or spend about $700 on all the individual pieces of equipment. Because of the dynamic nature of this program, I definitely do NOT recommend using an “all in one” machine with cables, or linear patterns of lifting. Free weights are the ONLY way to go. So if your mixed martial arts gym does not have a decent range of free weights, then you will need to do your strength and conditioning somewhere else.

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As for my personal experience with this program, I have had great results. After only working on the corrective phase of the program, I am already noticing a lower body fat percentage and improved power and speed in my techniques. This is probably a result of training up muscles I had been neglecting that I used to consider irrelevant to my training.

Overall this program is valuable to any mixed martial arts fighter whose gym that does not have a certified strength and conditioning specialist to lay out each and every detail for you. Even if you have a trainer at the gym, you still want a guide to follow when he/she is not available. Eric has each workout specifically planned for you, and can have you fight ready in anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks. This is definitely a must have for any mixed martial artist.  If you are serious about maximizing your strength and conditioning for your next Mixed Martial Arts fight, then click here for more information on Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program.

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