UFC 129, Lyoto Machida Knocks out Randy Couture, Jump Front Kick

Well guys, I was pretty excited back at UFC 126 when Anderson Silva KO’d Vitor Belfort with that front snap kick. But when Machida threw out that Jump front kick, I was ecstatic. Now I’ve had some people say that traditional martial arts are practically useless in a cage. These are usually meat head wrestlers or boxers (not all boxers and wrestlers are meat heads, just these guys that were talking smack). Silva showed some of his traditional Taekwondo background at UFC 126 when he knocked out Belfort, and then Machida showed at UFC 129 the Jump Front kick.

Machida credits both Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal with the execution of this kick (I think he should also credit Mr. Miyagi). Furthermore, they prove that traditional martial arts do have worth in mixed martial arts. Many announcers and reviewers call Silva and Machida’s styles “Unorthodox striking.” Being a TKD guy, I call it every day training. Here’s a breakdown of the execution of this kick.

Before you attempt this kick, make sure you have reviewed the basic Front Kick.


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