TKD Kickboxing – The Roundhouse Kick

Here is a breakdown of the basic version of the roundhouse kick from the rear leg. When done properly, this will work a variety of muscles, including calves, quads, glutes, abs, obliques, and lower back. Try it out for yourself. Here is a step by step breakdown on how to do the basic Taekwondo Roundhouse Kick:

Now you may notice a few difference in this Taekwondo Roundhouse kick and that of other styles. That’s quite all right. Other styles will vary slightly, and we will cover those in future videos. This is only a BASIC version of the roundhouse kick and we will be covering more versions and drills to develop this kick in future videos.

No matter what type of martial arts you are practicing, the roundhouse kick is going to be one of the most common kicks you use. In fact it probably makes up 70-90% of all kicks used in competitive martial arts. One of the reasons is the power and versatility of the kick: It can be thrown at any height and covers a wide variety of targets, including legs, body, head, and groin (in a self defense situation).

One great part of this kick is the number of muscle groups it engages, which will add to the overall calorie burn of a workout when all appropriate muscle groups are addressed properly. Also, when developing all muscle groups, this kick will become much more powerful, and will ultimately become more efficient, using much less energy to execute it in the long run.

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