The Best Training Tool in Martial Arts

In martial arts, you see all kinds of equipment in catalogs from fancy uniforms, belts, striking targets, heavy bags, sparring gear, and weapons. But what tool can really ENHANCE the training experience more than all others? What can really add value to your training more than anything else you’ll find in a catalog?

Well, you won’t find the answer in a catalog. The most valuable tool (outside your own mindset) is a training partner. Anyone who gets involved with your learning and development from a PEER perspective is an invaluable asset to your martial arts training for a number of reasons:

  1. Accountability – When you have a partner, you are no longer responsible only to yourself. If you begin to fall behind in your training, you run the risk of disappointing someone you care about.
  2. Cooperation – When you have a partner to work with, rather than just a teacher giving you directions, you can be more relaxed and more efficient in completing assigned tasks and curriculum. You don’t feel as if you’re being scrutinized by a superior.
  3. Perspective – Often when training, you may not notice areas where you need to improve, but an outside perspective from a training partner, or simply seeing your partner perform techniques differently can help you shift your own perspective. Let’s face it, not everybody is good at taking constructive criticism from a superior (teacher or parent on the sidelines), but when coming from a friend or a peer, it’s easier to take to heart. You may even notice something your instructor missed.
  4. Competition – A little friendly competition is great for development. When you stop trying to just keep up, and start trying to be your best, you really start to push past the boundaries that you set in your own mind (whether or not you realize you set them). I personally had the mindset, “If they can do it, so can I.” Seeing someone better than me in any particular aspect gave me a new goal so strive for.
  5. Connection – Training with a partner forms a special bond and that grows over time. These relationships are the greatest form of motivation. When you get involved in an activity with someone you love, then you strive to do your best in that activity. Plus, you’ve got someone to drag you off the couch when you’re feeling a bit lethargic for the day.

It’s usually best to find a training partner in someone you already know, though it’s quite possible to meet someone for the first time and then begin training together. Whether you are classmates and invite them to your Dojang for the first time, family members, or long time friends, you have a lot to gain from having a partner to work with. At Tiger Kwon’s Martial Arts we want to provide the best possible training experience for our members, and we are holding family classes and are now offering a 2 for 1 back to school special specifically for that reason. If you’re in the New Lenox or Mokena, IL area, check us out at

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