Taekwondo Belts

What you Should Know About the Taekwondo Belts you Wear

In most schools of traditional martial arts, you will find a ranking or belt system in order to gauge the personal ability of the students in your school. Each of these colors has a specific meaning, in addition to the different forms associated with each belt the Taekwondo belts themselves are often associated with an element of nature. The progression of the belts varies in meaning with each school or organization, but usually they follow a progressive pattern of a day, year, or both.

White – White belts are in place at the beginning of almost all martial arts. White Taekwondo belts reflect innocence, purity, or a clean slate. Thus it is the beginning for the martial artist.

Yellow – Yellow belts signify light or knowledge and this Taekwondo belt signifies the student beginning to grasp the first techniques, and knowledge beginning to take form.

Orange – Orange Taekwondo belts represent the sun as it first rises in the morning. The day has begun and your training progresses.

Green – Green Taekwondo belts represent new life that comes in the spring. As the sun is in the air, new life is nurtured. Taekwondo techniques are now taking more solid and powerful form.

Blue – Blue belts often represent water in its many forms. As seeds grow, they bring forth the rains. Essential for life, the rainy seasons go on, and the world is revitalized. The Taekwondo student, now a blue belt should be showing the beginnings of advanced technique.

Brown – Brown belts represent the earth from which all life springs forth. Brown is also a sign of the intense heats of summer, when grass dries, and leaves begin to turn for fall. The Taekwondo student is now matured and grounded, mastering techniques, but tempering them with discipline.

Red – Red Taekwondo Belts represent the setting sun or the turning of leaves in fall. Just as the end of the day, or the end of the year, the student now reflects on all they have learned so far in their training.

Black – It is a very prestigious honor to receive a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Black is a combination of all other colors. Black also signifies night, the end of the day, and winter, the end of the year. But night is also the beginning of a new day, and winter a new year. Just as Black Belt is a new beginning for the Taekwondo Student. While it is an end, it is also a new beginning.

In most cases the meaning of these Taekwondo belts coincide with the forms that must be learned in order to advance to the next rank. These Taekwondo forms are an essential part of your training and represent a very important aspect in Taekwondo. However, the actual application of the forms goes way beyond the simple execution of your pattern.

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Taekwondo Belts

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