Taekwondo Kicks – The Side Kick

Hey everyone, I apologize for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been having some technical issues (dying computer). But today we are going to cover the Taekwondo Side Kick and it different applications in Taekwondo Kicks, traditional martial arts, Kickboxing, and MMA.

The Taekwondo Side Kick is actually one of the first 4 kicks learned, but often one of the most seldom used. This is probably because, while learned early on, it takes a considerable amount of practice to use it powerfully and effectively. Here is a basic breakdown of the Taekwondo Side Kick:

Here are the variations I discussed in the video:

  1. Simple front leg side kick – This is great for defense, though there is not a lot of power. Make sure your balance is grounded before trying this. If you are going to practice this kick, focus on shifting your balance to your back leg to stabilize the kick. powerful against a charging opponent, and excellent for self defense.
  2. Rear Leg Side Kick – This is a good kick, but without a lot of training, it’s very hard to generate sufficient power for this variation of the side kick. Great for creating space, but to actually inflict damage to an opponent, you need more explosive power.
  3. Front Leg Skipping Side Kick – Very easy to learn, and very powerful. Focus on getting the footwork down for the skipping motion. This puts your full body weight and more speed behind the kick.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Side Kick today. If you liked learning this kick, check out this resource on Traditional and Combat Taekwondo.


Or if you are more of a sport martial artist, check out Jeff Joslin’s MMA Quick Start program to start training at home.


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