MMA Workouts

How you can look like your favorite fighter with MMA Workouts


MMA workouts are specifically designed to take fighters to the top of their game in the octagon. However MMA has become so popular that MMA workouts are also becoming a viable way to lose weight and get in shape, while following in the footsteps of your favorite fighters. However, before jumping into any workout or joining the first gym you see, there are some things you need to look into before getting into the best shape of your life.

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  1. Flexibility – Many people underestimate stretching as part of their daily MMA workout routine. They feel that just “loosening up” is good enough to get going. Well, stretching is very important in your MMA workouts for a number of reasons. Flexibility helps you avoid injury. Even if you’re training recreationally, and don’t ever plan to enter a cage, you can still get hurt in your MMA workouts. Twisting the wrong way or overextending yourself can all be mitigated by stretching appropriately during and after your workouts. Stretching also allows faster recovery time by increasing blood flow to your muscles and increasing the room that they have to grow.
  2. Speed – speed training in your MMA workouts is important for fighters. Of course, they need speed to land their strikes and takedowns. However, even if you just want to get in shape, you should develop speed as well in order to boost the intensity of the workout and amp up the calorie burn around the clock. Speed training in your MMA workouts includes staying light by jumping rope or explosive power with resistance training.
  3. Cardio – This is a very general term that refers to your different energy systems and your endurance throughout your MMA workouts. Obviously fighters need this to last through a 15-25 minute all out battle, but you will want to develop this skill so that you can last longer and get more out of your workouts.
  4. Strength – Fighters need strength training in their MMA workouts to develop that Knockout power in their punches and so their muscles can last throughout the entire match. Hard to hold an arm bar when your muscles feel like rubber bands. Strength is also important for getting in shape as well because muscle is the furnace that burns your fat around the clock. You will want to spend some time on strength training in your MMA workouts to really develop that chiseled look on your body.
  5. MMA Technique – MMA workouts have a number of different techniques, but these should be practiced in sessions that are separate from your regular strength and conditioning days. If you work out technique when you’re sore and your muscles are drained, you will not be able to develop techniques properly, and you can develop poor muscle memory. Even if you won’t be entering a cage, mixed martial arts technique workouts are still very effective for burning fat because you will be applying your muscles in a way you never have before. Your MMA technique workouts will be waking up new muscle and new neural pathways to develop your fat burning muscles even more.

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Whether you want to be a pro fighter, or just want to get in shape like one, MMA workouts are the way to go. Just make sure you’re training at the right gym. For a program that will get ripped, designed by a certified trainer and tried and tested for UFC fighters, but made for average Joe, click here now.


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