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5 Things You Must Know Before You Begin MMA Training

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA Training as it’s commonly called now, is blowing up in popularity around the world. More and more MMA gyms are opening, and martial arts schools are re-branding themselves as MMA Training facilities. However, before you start your MMA training, you will want to know these 3 details that most new MMA trainees don’t know about.

Conditioning – It takes a significant amount of conditioning to last the amount of time that these guys do in their matches. The first level of MMA Training and conditioning is correction, followed by endurance, speed, and power. If you are joining an MMA gym, you will either want a certified strength and conditioning specialist at the gym, or you will need to do your own supplemental program on the side. Here is an excellent resource on MMA conditioning.

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Striking – Commonly known as the “stand-up game” in MMA training, many schools of martial arts employ striking, and you will want to make sure that they are effective in MMA. Many traditional martial arts have sport versions such as Karate’s Kumite, or Taekwondo’s Kyolugi. While these traditional martial arts can be adaptive to Kickboxing, the sport versions do not hold up well in a cage. If you are going to a traditional martial arts school for MMA training, make sure that their members regularly train in a Kickboxing application of their sport. Other styles of striking include American boxing or Muai Thai. Though, having a traditional style like Karate, Taekwondo, or Kung Fu adapted to Kickboxing can be VERY effective.

Grappling – Grappling is also known as “Ground Game” in MMA training, and many martial arts gyms blindly call all ground fighting Jujitsu or BJJ. This is not entirely correct. Grappling can stem from several different styles including Brazilian Jujitsu, but also can come from Judo, American Wrestling, Sambo, or Japanese Jujitsu. Any one of these styles can offer good training in ground fighting, though there are strengths and weaknesses to each of them. If you are looking for a good MMA training gym, you need to find a school that offers at least one of these styles, as well as how to counter the others.

MMA Training – As this top implies, your MMA Gym should have a class dedicated to MMA training and MMA drills, in addition to the individual styles of striking and grappling. You need a session where you actually put these together and drill a combination of ground fighting, stand up striking, and even ground striking. If your MMA gym is missing an MMA training class, find a new gym.

Competition – Do members of your gym compete regularly? This should be a major point to consider in MMA training. Also, what kind of competitions do they compete in? Just as an MMA training facility should offer different styles to train, you should have multiple styles of competition as well. Grappling tournaments, kickboxing matches, and even boxing or traditional sport styles like Karate or TKD, all teach you adaptability. MMA Training should not just be contained to cage fights. Fighters need to be well rounded, and should be exposed to the different kind of fighters that they may encounter.

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So when you’re looking to start MMA training, these things are all important to look into before joining a gym. While you’re looking for a gym, you can even start training in the comfort of your own home. No gyms, no coaches, no pressure. Click here for an at-home training program that will get you a head start on your MMA Training.

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