Martial Arts Technique

Why Your Martial Arts Technique Will Always Beat Out His Size and Strength

No matter what reason you have for taking martial arts, technique is number 1 the most important, always. Speed and power will come later in your training, but committing your proper form and technique to mental and muscle memory is the absolute most important part of your training. No matter if your training goal is self defense, competitive sport, or fitness, proper martial arts technique and form should always take precedence over speed or power. Without a proper foundation in your technique, training speed and power will actually set you back in your training efforts.

  • In martial arts for self defense, training your moves with proper technique will make them 10 times more effective, and ultimately can mean the difference between life and death. If you don’t truly understand how a martial arts technique works, and you execute it improperly, you can put yourself in a very compromising situation that will scar you for life, if your life hasn’t ended already, that is. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m trying to warn you. When executing a joint lock or throw, having your finger in the wrong place can get it broken. This can disable you with pain, and the failed attempt at a martial arts self defense technique can anger your attacker even further.
  • In competitive sport martial arts, you have a number of different skill sets that you must cover; timing, conditioning, speed, agility, power are all built on proper technique. If you teach your muscles improperly and then do your strength and conditioning training on top of those poorly educated muscles, you can end up in a submission hold, or find your face getting in the way of your opponents foot or fist. In addition, martial arts techniques performed properly are much more efficient and require much less energy to execute. Thus, having proper martial arts technique contributes DIRECTLY to your overall cardio, endurance, strength, and conditioning. Whether you are practicing traditional martial arts, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts, technique will make the difference between the world champion, and the choked out victim.
  • In any fitness center, whether your average gym, or in martial arts, technique should come first in order to get 100% of the results from your workouts. In fact, any fitness professional or martial arts instructor who says it’s ok to let technique slide and just go through the motions should be FIRED. I’m dead serious. He’s ripping you off, and you’re not getting your money’s worth out of your workout. 1 or 2 reps you can get away with, but if you can’t continue in perfect form, you are done with that exercise. Continuing past that point can sabotage your efforts. When using proper martial arts technique in order to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, whatever your goal, when you practice with proper technique, you engage and develop more muscles. Here’s a tip, more muscle = more calories burned, ROUND THE CLOCK, not just in your workout.

So no matter what, whenever you practice martial arts, you want to make sure that 100% you are striving for perfect technique. When it comes to martial arts technique, or any other craft, strive for perfection, and settle for nothing less than excellence. If you are serious about your martial arts training and can appreciate solid technique, then Click here for our number 1 recommended Mixed Martial Arts training Course.

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