Martial Arts and Weight Loss

Doing martial arts for weight loss

Martial Arts have become increasingly popular methods of weight loss in gyms around the country, and for several reasons:

  1. It’s fun – This is not your typical repetitive aerobics class. While there is some repetition to the techniques, the routines are fluid and always changing. They are also interactive and creative. As you become more experienced you are able to add to the routines to make them more challenging and engaging.
  2. It’s complete – Martial Arts can be made into a full body workout and that is both cardiovascular and and muscular. You probably will not to get bulky like a bodybuilder either, because martial arts are perfect for building lean defined muscle on your body. Muscle is absolutely necessary for burning fat off of your body. A good cardio/muscular workout can leave your body in a higher calorie burning state for up to 36 hours!! So your Monday morning workout can still be burning calories at Tuesday’s dinnertime!
  3. It’s Complex – No I am not talking about martial arts being difficult like the professional martial arts demonstrations you see in movies and crazy tricks you see on Youtube. I mean that with the complex, multi-directional muscle movements involved, you will be building muscles you never knew you had. Even doing a simple punch can recruit a wide range of muscle in your arms, legs, shoulders, chest, back, and even your abs when done correctly. And referring to #2 above, more muscle = less fat.
  4. It’s Smart – Martial arts fosters weight loss and fitness by “waking up” new channels between your brain and body. By using the complex movements mentioned in #3, your body learns and remembers these routines, making your muscles more efficient and more powerful fat burning machines. It’s called muscle memory, and it is an incredibly effective mechanism in achieving your weight loss goals.

Because martial art training is typically high intensity and  it burns a maximum number calories per workout and is therefore great for anyone who wants to lose fat and lose it fast. Countless gyms, several Cardio-Kickboxing programs and personal trainers are using basic martial arts training in their sessions.

However I think many of them may be missing the finer points in proper technique to maximize the workout. Without proper training in martial arts technique, a lot of personal trainers and fitness professionals commonly miss some of the detailed movement that can result in slower results, or even injury. Therefore it is important to find a real martial arts expert to assist you in your fat loss and weight loss goals. As soon as I get my camera fixed, I’ll be posting videos on how to do your kicks and punches properly to get the most out of your workouts.

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