Learn Kickboxing from Home? 3 Martial Arts Myths busted

Learn Kickboxing from home? 3 Martial Arts Myths busted

I see debates on forums from time to time about whether or not it is possible to learn kickboxing from home, or train martial arts without a gym. There could be many reasons why you aren’t able to train martial arts, MMA, or kickboxing with a coach, gym, or team. These reasons may include money, availability, or quality instruction. I see gyms out here charge a minimum of $120 to train kickboxing or MMA, and I know that’s not easy to come by. I understand this, and there are countless DVD’s and instructional videos out there as excellent resources. With that in mind, I’m going to bust the myths that you can’t learn kickboxing from home, though with a few disclaimers.

  1. Myth: You can’t learn kickboxing from home without an instructor. You won’t have a deep understanding of the techniques. Busted: This is a challenge, but not a complete roadblock. You will not have the luxury of receiving direct feedback, but with a properly structured program, you should be able to self-assess. Use a mirror, a training partner, or a video camera. Compare your form with that of the video you’re watching. How closely do you match your instructor? You won’t receive constructive individualized feedback from a video recording, so self-assessment or a third party observing and comparing is beneficial.
  2. Myth: DVD’s don’t help you learn kickboxing from home because you don’t develop muscle memory. Busted: I don’t know where to start with this one. Everything you practice develops muscle memory. True, there are many “how to” videos and tutorials, and these just give a basic overview. They don’t teach you how to advance on that. What these videos lack is drills. Drilling technique is how you commit it to muscle memory. A good instructor knows what drills will help to develop the muscle groups and movement patterns needed to execute proper techniques. Likewise, an instructor who teaches these drills and shows them in videos in a way you can follow along will help you go a long way toward developing clean, efficient, powerful strikes.
  3. Myth: You can’t learn kickboxing from home without sparring. Busted: Bullshit. It’s very helpful to have a partner, but martial artists have been training and drilling for centuries without sparring. There are benefits to working with a partner, but even at professional levels, sparring is a very small part of kickboxing training. Conditioning, drilling, shadowboxing, heavy bag work, technique breakdowns… These are all effective training methods to learn kickboxing from home. In terms of developing reaction time and realistic application, you are at a disadvantage. However, you can still visualize a target or an attacker. That’s something that is solely lacking anymore: vision and creativity in martial arts. That’s a tangent that I can come back to. What it boils down to, is having a partner is beneficial, but not necessary. Also, if you have a friend that you train with, you can still learn kickboxing at home together. Get some gloves and mitts and find someone to work with. Start working combos together. You can learn all the reaction time you need from mitt work.
  4. Myth: You need classmates to get a variety of fighting styles to adapt well. Busted: I don’t disagree with this statement. However, it’s quite possible to have a community online where you can discuss tactics, strategies, share training videos, and get feedback. With modern technology, there is no limit to how you can interact.

So there you have it. Learning kickboxing from home is not impossible. You will definitely benefit from having the instructor, the gym, the training equipment, and the community. Join a forum, get on a newsletter, and constantly expose yourself to learning new martial arts techniques. Even if you’re experienced, you may learn something you didn’t know before. Here are a couple programs I use for learning kickboxing and MMA online.


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