TKD Kickboxing – Front Kick (UFC 126 Silva vs Belfort Knockout Kick)

Hey everyone. Today I have a further breakdown of the Front Snap Kick which I had discussed in a prior video. After UFC 126 where Anderson Silva Knocked out Vitor Belfort with this kick, I’ve had some people asking exactly how to execute it. Now, it’s very similar to the first version:

  1. Raise the Knee bent,
  2. Extend the knee by flexing the quadriceps,
  3. Retract the foot after the kick,
  4. Return it to the floor

The big difference here, is that Silva did not use the top of his foot, he used the ball of the foot to strike Belfort’s chin. Watch the video down below for the full breakdown of the Front Kick:

I was really excited to see this, as Anderson Silva started his martial arts training in Taekwondo, and he’s returning to his roots and using traditional martial arts which most fighters will say “Never work in a cage.” Well, I guess that goes to show that you can’t underestimate TKD kickboxing! For a full Martial Arts course taught by a real MMA Fighter and UFC coach, click here now.

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