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Learn Martial Arts

The #1 Trick to Learn Martial Arts (or anything else in life)

Do this one thing to learn martial arts faster than everyone else So much of our life is not determined by what we take in, or even what we put out, but the lense through which we view ourselves and the world around us. Whether you want to learn martial arts or if you need…

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Always Sore After a Kickboxing Class?

Are you always sore after a kickboxing workout? I want to do a follow up on a previous article I wrote, and I guess maybe this one should have actually come first. So often a major barrier to getting started in a kickboxing program is the discouragement of soreness after your previous kickboxing workout. You…

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High Kick

Kicking higher and harder in martial arts

In striking arts like Taekwondo and Kickboxing, there’s obviously a strong emphasis on being able to throw high kicks so you can get that devastating knockout blow. But simply kicking high isn’t enough to deliver that knockout power. As I mentioned in my previous post about Explosive Flexibility, the closer you get to the end…

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Strength Training for Martial Arts

This is something that isn’t really discussed in your traditional Dojo, but strength and conditioning is definitely more frequently practiced in mixed martial arts. In fact, in traditional martial arts, strength training is highly discouraged. I find this pretty interesting, considering that the most famous martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee, was an avid fan…

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Cutting Weight for MMA versus Losing Weight

Cutting weight vs. Losing Weight in martial arts training There is a huge misconception in martial arts and MMA training that fighters are able to rapidly lose weight in the last few weeks of training before a fight. Sometimes this is the case where they burn fat off, but when a fighter drops 10-20 pounds…

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The worst warm-up for a kickboxing workout

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see in gyms lately in their kickboxing workouts. So many kickboxing classes have warm-ups that just set up the remainder of the kickboxing workout for failure. Failure is the key word here, and I’ll mention it a few times in this post. And I’m not talking about…

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Learn Kickboxing from Home? 3 Martial Arts Myths busted

Learn Kickboxing from home? 3 Martial Arts Myths busted I see debates on forums from time to time about whether or not it is possible to learn kickboxing from home, or train martial arts without a gym. There could be many reasons why you aren’t able to train martial arts, MMA, or kickboxing with a…

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Shaking off the Rust

So I went to a Muai Thai class last night for an awesome night focused on kicks. Roundhouse kicks, Switch Kicks, Teeps all night. I loved it! There were only a few combos with punches. I got paired up with a guy that was pretty experienced, but out of practice for over a year due…

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Kickboxing Training

Four Skill sets of Kickboxing Training

Necessary Skills for kickboxing training and building KO Power Kickboxing is an intense physical sport and has high demands on the body. There is no denying that. While other martial arts and combat can be draining, and require endurance, no other art is reliant on explosive knockout power as kickboxing training. Grappling definitely requires strength,…

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Kickboxing Technique

How many Kickboxing Techniques do I need to know? I’ve seen this question time and time again. What Kickboxing techniques do I need to learn? Kickboxing is a unique sport that stems from a number of disciplines. From the Asian martial arts like Kung Fu, Muai Thai Taekwondo, or Karate to Western systems like Sambo,…

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