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Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning

Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program. I recently had a chance to thoroughly evaluate Eric Wong’s Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. Strength and Conditioning are a vital part of any athlete’s training regimen, and Eric has definitely taken it to a new level for Mixed…

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Tae Kwon Do Kicks – Front Kick pt. 3: How to use the Front Push Kick in your TKD Kickboxing

Tae Kwon Do Kicks – Front Kick pt. 3: How to use the Front Push Kick in your TKD Kickboxing So far in TKD kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do Kicks, we have covered 2 variations of the front snap kick. We are changing pace to cover the front push kick. The Front Push Kick is…

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TKD Kickboxing – Front Kick (UFC 126 Silva vs Belfort Knockout Kick)

Hey everyone. Today I have a further breakdown of the Front Snap Kick which I had discussed in a prior video. After UFC 126 where Anderson Silva Knocked out Vitor Belfort with this kick, I’ve had some people asking exactly how to execute it. Now, it’s very similar to the first version: Raise the Knee…

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Martial Arts and Conditioning

Now first and foremost, let me specify the difference between fitness and conditioning. Now, usually these go hand in hand, but there are some significant differences, depending on your goals. Fitness is an open ended word, which can mean as little as, you look good in the mirror, or you have a low body fat…

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Which Martial Art is Best?

This is a very popular question among people wanting to get started in martial arts but don’t really know the difference between all the styles out there. Now before anyone can HONESTLY answer this question for you, you have to understand exactly what you’re looking for in a martial art. There are many reasons to…

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