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Competition and Weight Cutting

Well folks, good new and bad news. Bad news first. Due to schedule conflicts, I will not be competing on the date that I had planned. It sucks, but duty calls. Now the good news. I’m still staying on track with the Diet Solution Program because I’ve already lost 5 pounds in the last week.…

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Martial Arts Workouts and Excuses

Ok I’m gonna rant a little bit today. I’ve worked with some people who come in to my class solely for a workout. They don’t care about the self defense. They don’t care about the belts or uniforms. They just want that six pack showing again. I’m ok with that. I really am. What I’m…

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Martial Arts Training and Fat Loss Nutrition

So, I’ve decided I’m getting back into competition. Saturday, September 25th is the Michigan Cup Championship, and it’s my first competition in almost 10 years! I’ve done some sparring, but only in class. I’ve branched out into other styles, with kickboxing, grappling, etc. But this is the first time I’ve been entered in a Taekwondo…

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Martial Arts and Conditioning

Now first and foremost, let me specify the difference between fitness and conditioning. Now, usually these go hand in hand, but there are some significant differences, depending on your goals. Fitness is an open ended word, which can mean as little as, you look good in the mirror, or you have a low body fat…

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Martial Arts and Weight Loss

Because martial art training is typically high intensity and it burns a maximum number calories per workout and is therefore great for anyone who wants to lose fat and lose it fast. Countless gyms offer Cardio-Kickboxing type programs and personal trainers are using basic martial arts training in their sessions.

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