Announcement – 7 Day KO Crash Course

Well guys, here’s the first peek at the project I’ve been working on so intently. As I mentioned, I’ve been working to produce some quality content for you guys, and I’m working hard (and learning a LOT about video production and editing) to get this out to you within the next month.

This course is something I’ve been refining over the last decade and a half to blend the most effective striking concepts and give you a simplified, streamlined striking plan. But here’s just a few of the things you’ll get with my

7 Day KO Crash Course


  • 7 follow-along workouts, 30-45 minutes each
  • Focus on the key points to develop KO Power
  • Defensive drills to develop an impenetrable guard
  • Focus mitt drills to gauge technique in real time
  • Assessments for each lesson to measure constant progress.

I’m really excited to put this out, and as I’m leading up to the launch of this program, I’ll be putting out more tutorials to give you the pre-training needed to jump right in.

Make sure to subscribe to the blog to get VIP access when it launches. Because this project is still in development, there’s still time to make some changes, so let me know what YOU would like to see out of my 7 Day KO Crash Course by commenting below.

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